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Link Between IBS and Allergies


Although IBS is one of the commonest gastro-intestinal disorders seen by gastroenterologists nowadays, there is actually very little known about it. However, researchers are still discovering some things about this disorder that are worth noting. At a recent study, it was discovered that a significant number of people who suffered from IBS also had allergic or atopic syndromes of things such as asthma, eczema, and rhinitis. This means that there could be implications in the way those suffering from IBS are treated.


During this study, it was also found that people who had both atopy and IBS had distinct pathophysiologic features meaning that they can benefit from specific therapeutic interventions. People who fall into this category would find more relief if they are treated using methods that take into consideration their allergies. It is important to take note of these allergies since any other method could lead to further problems or even enhance the allergies.


IBS is not completely categorized as a disease. It is described as a combination of symptoms that include bloating, abnormal bowel movements, abdominal pain, constipation or both. Other symptoms that may be seen in some cases include flatulence, a sense of urgency in straining, and mucous in stool. The occurrence of these other symptoms makes it hard for IBS to be cured since it differs from one person to the next. Know what causes IBS in http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2016/07/27/31-common-foods-that-can-cause-ibs-symptoms_a_21440283/.


There are also many factors that are involved and could actually contribute in causing IBS. Although a single identifiable cause hasn't been determined, some of the many factors involved include bacterial overgrowth, enzyme deficiencies, stress, and lifestyle. Stress itself doesn't directly cause IBS, rather, it makes its symptoms even worse. All these factors make it hard to isolate a single cause of IBS and work towards getting a treatment at http://www.ibsrelief.com that works.


In the modern times, many people are reporting to have symptoms of IBS. The increased figure is attributed to the fact that in the past, many people had difficulties in identifying symptoms of IBS. It was only until recently that it became possible to diagnose IBS when all the other factors were ruled out. However, there are still many people with mild symptoms who don't seek help and their symptoms might go undiagnosed.


IBS Relief from Accord treatments are being provided nowadays are just a combination of drugs that are meant to treat the symptoms. The most common way to deal with the situation is making changes to your diet and lifestyle. You should also take medication such as laxatives and painkillers for constipation and pain respectively.